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Phinia is a brand new concept for Hotels, Villas and Appartments. Phinia uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide high-value services to Businesses and Clients. Create an account for FREE and start using our services NOW!


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Are you a Hotel guest? Download the mobile App and place your orders directly from your mobile device! Get advantage of our direct ONLINE ordering system and save time and money!


Welcome to Phinia

The Possibilities Are Unlimited

Weather you are a business owner or a client, you can use our Phinia services for FREE!

What We Do

We use technology to take our customer' s point of view, and act on that as a competitive advantage for him.

Who We Are

We are a group of ambitious and highly-experienced people developing brilliant services for your enterprise.

Phinia Great Features:

Gain New Clients

Our software will help your company to grow and gain new customers in no-time!

Manage your Catalogues

Manage your catalogues with our easy-to-use CMS. Create, Edit or Delete your catalogues!

iPhone / Android Apps

If you are a Guest, you can download our iPhone/Android App on your mobile for FREE!

Compatibility to All Devices

Our software / website is compatible to all modern devices such as pc, tablets, laptops, mobiles

Easy Interface

If you own a touristic company such as Hotel, Villas or Appartments you will love our User-Friendly interface to make your catalogues!

QR Barcode Reader

Download the local catalogue on your mobile device using the QR Phinia App!

Phinia for "Philoxenia"

Philoxenia is a greek word, means Hospitality! Our software is the best solution for your company to make your clients feel like... home! Try it for FREE...

Meet Our Team

Marina Papadopoulou

PR - Secretary

Marina is our secretary, responsible for customer support, signing contracts for companies and all required documents

Praxitelis Ikonomidis

Web Developer

Praxitelis is developing web portals for 15 years. Main developer of Web Portal Phinia is supporting Phinia web services and applications

Apostolos Kyriakopoulos

Mobile App Developer

Apostolos is the mobile Apps developer and co-founder of Phinia project. He has a 10-years of experience in developing applications

Panagiotis Andronikidis

Marketing Director

Panagiotis is the marketing director of the team. Well experienced in Start-up companies, developed the idea of Phinia.

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54352 17 Noemvriou 11, Thessaloniki, Greece